Ah, urinals. Where would we be without them? They’re efficient and make bathroom lines move quickly. Sure, they’re a bit awkward, but they still beat the troughs you find in some stadiums!

If your business’ bathrooms have urinals, it’s important to do everything you can to reduce odors. Bathrooms that have a repulsive urine stench will make people hesitant to come back to your business.

Here are a few ways to remove urine odor from your commercial bathrooms.

Urinal Mats

Most guys know, it’s not always easy to aim accurately. Even when you do, there’s still bound to be some bounce-back. To handle this problem, we recommend using antimicrobial urinal mats.

These mats are placed beneath the urinal and kill the bacteria that causes odor. In addition, they can help reduce the risk of slips and falls!

Urinal Deodorizer Blocks

You’ve seen these cakes many times. They’re usually pink and sit at the bottom of urinals with screens covering them. Urinal deodorizer blocks can help disinfect and reduce odors each time a person flushes.

Omniguard Urinal Cleaner

These handy contraptions are mounted near the top of the urinal beneath the water spouts. Each time somebody flushes the urinal, the chemicals clean and remove built-up deposits. The formula also prevents future buildup and reduces odors from plumbing pipes.

Consider Professional Odor Control Services

You can do these things on your own, but sometimes it’s best to have professionals provide you with odor control services. Companies that specialize in cleaning and sanitation can make sure your bathrooms are in their best condition. 

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