8 Basic Steps To Properly Clean A Toilet

Time for every employee’s favorite task: Cleaning the toilet! Just kidding, it’s gross and most people don’t wanna do it (Except heroes like us! 😉).

Here’s the deal, those toilets and urinals gotta be cleaned no matter how much it sucks to do it. These eight basic steps will help you and your employees clean the toilet(s) the right way:

  1. Flush the toilet
  2. Remove built-up debris using a toilet mop and your hands (While wearing gloves, of course!)
  3. Douse that bad boy with a disinfectant solution.
  4. After the disinfectant has settled, scrub the inside of the toilet, especially under the rim.
  5. Flush the toilet to rinse. Do it twice for good measure.
  6. Wipe down every part of the toilet’s exterior. This includes the tank and handle.
  7. Wash the toilet bowl rim with an acidic cleaner (As often as you like, but at least once per week).
  8. Get rid of the old urinal screen(s) and replace them. Yes, really. Please don’t leave the old ones in there forever. That’s nasty.

Cleaning a toilet is a fairly painless job unless a customer had a brutal bathroom trip and left the toilet in a condition that’ll haunt your dreams. We can relate, we’ve seen that plenty of times … *shudders*. But since many businesses don’t have professional restroom cleaners on staff, the final results are often less than ideal.

For this reason, it’s a great idea to work with a qualified restroom cleaning service. A professional restroom cleaner will go beyond these eight steps to give you a sanitized, pleasant bathroom.

Twin Cities Bathroom Cleaning Services

If you want your commercial bathrooms to be consistently sanitized and welcoming to your customers, we can help! Fikes of Minnesota provides restroom-cleaning services that fit your company’s specific needs.

Whether you need deep-cleaning services daily or weekly, we’ll make sure you have fresh, awesome-looking restrooms that make your customers happy and safe from germs.

Our Bathroom Cleaning Services Include:

You can trust us to handle the dirty work and give you a clean, odor-free bathroom that shows your customers and employees how much you care. Contact us today to learn more!

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