Restroom Odor Control Services

Keep odor eliminated and keep your establishment happy!

Urinal Service

Rely on Fikes to keep your urinals fresh. Whether it’s Big Block Urinal Screens, our Omniguard Urinal Cleaner, or our hygoMat Urinal Mats, we have a cost-effective way to help improve your urinals.

Drain Treatment

Our Green Ideas™ Aromatic Drain Device consists of a patented dispenser and refill which attaches to the existing drain pipe cover and is replaced monthly. The refills contain powerful biological cleaning agents proven to maintain clear, clean and odor free drain-lines. The Fikes Bioconquerer Drain Treatment works quickly and completely to eliminate drain odors.

Air Deodorizing Services

Fikes Air Deodorizers naturally eliminate rather than cover-up offensive smells. We utilize essential oils and special aromatic formulas that actually counteract with odor molecules. Unlike aerosols, these fan driven systems do not rely upon the emission of solids into the air. A uniformed Fikes Service Technician will be on location to change the scent, replace the batteries, clean the machine and replace/repair any damaged machines every 4 weeks.