Premium Care Service

Premium Care is a top to bottom cleaning, disinfecting, and deodorizing of your restrooms.

Restrooms need to be held to a high standard to prevent the spread of bacteria and disease. It’s also just really, really gross to be stuck using a dirty bathroom.

But even when you do clean your restrooms, over time a build-up from hard water, detergents, and soil develops on floors, walls, and partitions. This creates an unpleasant condition that can cause nasty odors and an unsanitary environment.

The cleanliness of your restroom can directly affect the way people judge your entire establishment. Basically, crappy facilities might lead people to take their business elsewhere. A consistently clean restroom is a solid investment that can help attract and retain customers in today’s competitive market.

Fikes Bathroom Cleaning Services

We love cleaning bathrooms and think it’s a darn good time. Yes, really! We’ll passionately clean and sanitize your restrooms to pristine condition. Here’s how our Premium Care Service works:

A Fikes trained technician will systematically apply chemicals, scrub surfaces, power scrub the floors, and power wash the entire restroom. They will concentrate on the grout lines, rinse the room, and finish by vacuuming the contaminated water to remove it from your facility.

Once the job is complete, your clean, odor-free restroom will give you more time to concentrate on other challenges while showing your customers and employees that you care.

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