Not sure if you’re ready for us yet? Not quite ready to make the switch?

Sometimes customers have questions and concerns before they start working with us. We totally get it, nobody wants to flush their money down the drain! Pun very much intended.

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions and concerns we hear.

From our most popular Standard Plan, you can customize the level of restroom care up or down to match your restroom sanitation needs. Using a combination of inspection mirrors and germ- and odor-eliminating tools, your restrooms will be revitalized and free from stains and odor forming build-up.
With all service plans, we complement each cleaning with an aromatic Fikes Air Deodorizer of your choice. Choose from any of our natural deodorizer scents, which eliminate odors instead of covering them up, like consumer home air fresheners.
Whether you choose one or all of the services Fikes offers, your employees and customers will appreciate the attention to restroom hygiene. Give us a call at 763-657-8001 or send us an email and we’ll be happy to stop out and walk through a free “Fikes First Check” visit with you to assess your service needs.
Give us a call, we’ll stop by for a free consultation and you can decide once you have all the information. We’d love to help out. Just let us know where we fit in.
Leave it to us! We’ll proactively monitor your day-to-day supplies to ensure you don’t run out at that crucial moment.
Typical visits only take 15-45 minutes, so we can stop in while you’re there, or we can stop back later. We’ll work around your schedule, whatever is the most convenient for your business.
Typical visits only take 15-45 minutes. Give us a call today. We’ll let you know just how easy and affordable it is to work with Fikes.
From big to small, we have a plan to fit your site.
Over time, hard water, detergents, and soil naturally build up in your restrooms. Sinks, stalls, floors, walls, and partitions can all contribute to unpleasant conditions and disagreeable odors. Without proper equipment & know-how, mops and rags only redistribute the dirt, rather than eliminate it. Fikes can help. We are masters in the art of cleaning, it’s what we do. All of our Service Plans target overall sanitation, you determine the frequency to fit your specific sanitation goals.
When your staff doesn’t feel it should be responsible for certain tasks, usually those tasks are left undone. Not only do the bathrooms not get cleaned (or get cleaned poorly), but trying to come up with a solution can snowball into other issues. Bringing in Fikes to take on the cleaning load allows you and your staff to focus more time & energy on what you do best – making your business more profitable. Contact us today for more information.
Very likely it was related to restroom hygiene. It’s not a myth to think that customers judge a business by its restrooms. Everything counts in overall customer experience, and restrooms count by 10-fold. Here’s how it works. Imagine walking up to the front door of your business; customers associate your business with what they experience there: welcome signs, pleasant lighting, thoughtful decoration. Now how about re-entering through the bathroom door? Customers associate your business with what they just experienced there – so, what did they just experience in your restroom? Was it a “yikes!” restroom, or a Fikes restroom? Walking out of a spotless, shining, fragrant restroom can quickly re-frame a customer’s entire experience from pleasant to outstanding. Call Fikes today to make your business outstanding and your restrooms shine.
It is more likely for unclean and unstocked restrooms to be abused, compared to a fully-stocked, pristine facility.

When a public restroom is untidy, it becomes more common for patrons to misuse that space and be less careful and less respectful while using it. Providing your customers with a clean space, well-stocked with soap, paper dispensers, and a fragrant air deodorizer, helps raise the respect level. There are more factors involving restroom design that effect this, but cleanliness and attention to restroom restocking levels plays an important role in fostering consumer respect for your restrooms.