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Let’s cut the crap. Literally. Most people hate cleaning and disinfecting restrooms, but your company might not have designated employees to take care of the task. This means your employees have to play rock-paper-scissors to decide who has to handle the (clears throat) “duty”.

Yes, cleaning the bathroom is a dirty job and it stinks. But you know what? We actually enjoy it and we have the best solutions to get the job done right.

If you want your commercial bathrooms to be consistently sanitized and welcoming to your customers, we can help! Fikes of Minnesota provides restroom-cleaning and disinfectant services that fit your company’s specific needs. Whether you need deep-cleaning services daily or weekly, we’ll make sure you have fresh, awesome-looking restrooms that make your customers happy and safe from germs.

Our Bathroom Cleaning Services Include:

You can trust us to handle the dirty work and give you a clean, odor-free bathroom that shows your customers and employees how much you care. Contact us today to learn more!

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Premium Care

Our restroom sanitation services free you and your employees up so you can concentrate on what you do best.

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Sanitizing Service

We’ll take care of everything including odor control: air deodorizing services, urinal service and drain treatment; and sanitation service.

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Products and Supplies

Fikes offers a full line of sanitation products for all areas of restroom supply. And our service experts can help you pinpoint when and where they are needed.

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For years, Fikes has been a trusted partner of Twin Cities business owners and managers just like you

Save the hassle. Save money.

We save you hassle with our cleaning services, and save you money with our full line of products and supplies. Clean & Simple.
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