Thinking about hiring professional bathroom cleaners for your company? Smart move! Unsanitary bathrooms can befoul a company’s reputation and even hurt revenue.

Here are three reasons your company needs bathroom cleaning services:

1) Dirty Bathrooms Scare People Away

If your company’s bathrooms are nasty, people won’t want to be there. Not only that, they’ll judge the crap out of you and probably go to your competitor.

For example, a survey determined that 80% of people said they’d refuse to go to a diner if it had dirty restrooms. That’s a lot of people who won’t go to your business if you have dingy bathrooms.

2) It’s Healthier For Your Customers And Employees

Dirty bathrooms are gross, but there’s more to it than just bad smells and ugly aesthetics. It’s also a matter of avoiding the spread of bacteria and disease.

To keep your employees and customers healthy, your bathrooms need to be held to high standards. Unfortunately, that’s not always possible without professional cleaners.

3) Sometimes Basic Cleaning Isn’t Enough

You may think you’re keeping your restrooms clean, but are you really? Even when you or your employees clean the bathroom, there’s still probably going to be buildup from hard water, detergents, and soil.

Buildup on floors, walls, and partitions can cause nasty odors and an unsanitary environment. To guarantee a clean environment that guarantees a pleasant experience, you need professional bathroom cleaning services.

Professional Bathroom Cleaning Services Near You!

If you want your commercial bathrooms to be consistently sanitized and welcoming to your customers, we can help! Fikes of Minnesota provides restroom-cleaning services that fit your company’s specific needs.

Whether you need deep-cleaning services daily or weekly, we’ll make sure you have fresh, awesome-looking restrooms that make your customers happy and safe from germs.

Our Bathroom Cleaning Services Include:

You can trust us to handle the dirty work and give you a clean, odor-free bathroom that shows your customers and employees how much you care. Contact us today to learn more!

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